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Here be a list of books read in 2012.  I've actually read a tiny few less this year than normal, but some of the books have been heavier going but good nonetheless.  So I do this list every year.  The asterixes are marks out of five:

***** = sell your bed and buy the book
****  = a good read
***  = some interesting bits, dry in parts, but over all decent
**  =  why did I buy this again?
*  = yawn

'A Meal with Jesus: Discovering Grace, Mission and Community around the Table' - Chester, Tim,  2011 (IVP)  *****

'Everyday Church: Mission by Being Good Neighbours' - Chester, T & Timmis, S,  2011 (IVP)  ****

'Reading the Bible After Christendom' - Pietersen, L,  2011,  (Paternoster) ***

'Road to Missional: The Journey to the Centre of the Church' - Frost, M, 2011, (Shapevine) ***

'The Orthodox Heretic:  And Other Impossible Tales' - Rollins, Peter,  2009 (Paraclete Publishing) ****

'The Jesus Prayer:  The Ancient Desert Prayer that Tunes the Heart to God' - Mathewes-Green,  Frederica, 2010 (DLT)  ***

'The Faith of Leap: Embracing a Theology of Risk, Adventure and Courage' - Hirsch, A & Frost, M, 2011 (Shapevine)  ***

'Launching Missional Communities' Breen, M & Absolom, A, 2010 (3DM)  ***

'The Grace Outpouring: Blessing Others through Prayer' - Godwin, Ron, 2008 (David C Cook)  **

'A Generous Orthodoxy' - McLaren, Brian, 2006 (Zondervan)  ****

'Naked Spirituality' -  McLaren, Brian, 2011, (Hodder & Stoughton) ****

'Erasing Hell' - Chan, Francis, 2011 (David C Cook)  ***

'From Wild Man to Wise Man: Reflections on Male Spirituality' - Rohr, Richard,  2005 (St Anthony Messenger Press)  **

' Simple Jesus:  A Vision of What He Did, Who He Was, and Why He Matters' - Wright, Tom  2011 (HarperOne)  ****

'Surprised by Hope:  Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church'- Wright, Tom 2011 (SPCK Publishing)  *****

'Cave Refectory Road:  Monastic Rhythms for Contemporary Living' - Adams, Ian 2010 (Canterbury Press Norwich)  ****

'Finding Our Way Again: The Return of The Ancient Practices' - McLaren, Brian 2008 (Thomas Nelson)  ****

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