Well, these days the thought police aren't so much on my case on the whole blogging front, but I do have to add that I believe that blogging is hazardous to your health!  In my 8 years of so of blogging, I've taken every word (and the associated flack) seriously - its why I take the trouble to write it.

This blog is a place where I share reflections upon my life in following Jesus and engaging in Kingdom work.  Its where I ask questions and probe the traditional answers.  Its an exerise in communication and connection with others on the journey.  Its a place of conversation where my private thoughts become public, and as a consequence, then submit those thoughts to public scrutiny and thats what I want!  Discussion!  Left to myself I'd be a pile of bundled thoughts and conclusions....its in the interaction that they are refined and revised.

So, you're invited into the conversation.  The conversation happens here and over at facebook where these posts are copied.  

But these thoughts are mine as I write them, unfinished, still evolving, still taking shape.  No offense intended...honestly.